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The Moneyocracy project is a long term transmedia project that explores the impact of current U.S campaign finance laws on the elections and U.S democracy.Moneyocracy aims to offer a nonpartisan view on the current state of the U.S democracy. This production is totally independent an relies on a journalistic work.

Visit the timeline of Campaign Finance Laws & Citizens United v. FEC here


The story takes its roots in the 2010 F.E.C versus Citizens United Supreme Court decision and analyses its consequences on U.S elections and for Americans. What are the legal & political implications of this decision? Is this the beginning of a new era when corporations will shape the political arena as their businesses ?



Good night and good luck remix was constructed using 26 different video and audio sources, rearranged and mixed around an edited version of the Special Comment about Citizens United v. FEC, made by Keith Olbermann in January 21st, 2010 in his MSNBC show 'Countdown'.

Good Night & Good Luck

ROOM 501C4

ROOM 501C4 is an immersing and educative experience crafted around an interactive documentary (i-doc). In this i-doc, YOU – the “spectactor” – play a fictional character recruited by a secret organization who wants to support a candidate running for the Presidential election. Moving forward into the experience, you’ll have to decide how to market a fictional presidential candidate called Bill O’Maney and how to finance his campaign.

ROOM 501c4

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